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A# support for .NET 2.0 generics



The 2.0 release of .NET includes generic classes and methods.  A sample generic class looks like the following in C#:

public class Dictionary<TKey,TValue> {

   public void Add(TKey key, TValue value);



In A#, msil2ada generates the following:



   type TKey is private;

   type TValue is private;

package Dictionary is

   type Typ is tagged...

   procedure Add(This : in access Typ; key : TKey; value : TValue);

end Dictionary;


To instantiate it, you need to do a normal instantiation of the generic, but also specify an import:


package MyDictionary is new Dictionary(MSSyst.String.Ref, Integer);

pragma Import(MSIL, MyDictionary);


Generic methods are currently not supported.  MSIL2Ada does not automatically generate specifications for generic child classes with generic parents.