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A# is a port of Ada to the Microsoft .NET Platform.  A# was originally developed at the Department of Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy. We distribute A# as a service to the Ada community under the terms of the GNU general public license.

A# has been fully integrated into AdaGIDE, a leading open-source IDE for Ada under Windows.  A .NET port of the multi-platform open-source GUI Design tool RAPID has been completed.  A# can now also be run from within Visual Studio 2005 (click here for details).

Read more about the A# project in our 2006 Crosstalk paper or our SIGAda 2002 paper.  Slides from the SIGAda tutorial are included in (from the download site). (available 14 November 2004).

AdaCore Announces BETA program for .NET

2 May 2006 (updated 6 June 2006)

Newest release 6 March 2006

Newest release 8 November 2005

New with version 2.01 (26 October 2004)

New with version 1.20


Download (from SourceForge)

Before downloading, get:

Then at the sourceforge download site, you can get:

Bug report list is here.

A# is free software, but donations to support web hosting, etc. are welcome!

Rebuilding from sources:

To rebuild from sources, you can use the Makefile in the src subfolder.  Also use the makefile in src\lib to rebuild mgnat.dll and mgnatcs.dll.  Note that MGNAT must be compiled using GNAT for Windows, and also that the Makefile must be run from a UNIX shell (e.g. Cygwin, at ).  Rebuilding mgnatcs.dll requires MS Visual Studio .NET.  "make install" will then copy the files.  Note that you will have to change Makefile and jMakefile to reflect your directory structure (look for "c:/d/rsrch..." and replace and also "c:\d\rsrch...").


  1. Building a DLL:  Try "mgnatmake -z test_pkg.adb -largs /DLL /out=test_pkg.dll", where test_pkg.adb is a package that with's all of the others that you want to include in the DLL.  Make sure that ada_test_pkg_pkg.adainit is called by the client of the DLL.


Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome. If you have a comment, suggestion or bug report, send email to:  The bug report list is here.

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